Vortrag Tibetan Yoga „Principles and Practices“ (auf gut verständlichem Englisch)

Ian Baker


Termin: 24.03.20 | Vortrag
Zeit:      Di., 19 - 20.30/21 Uhr
Ort:       Hamburg-City, Güntherstraße 39, 22087 Hamburg


Physical yoga in Tibetan Buddhism represents the doorway into the little known ‘completion stage’ (Kyerim) practices of Vajrayāna, or Tantric Buddhism. In this illustrated presen­tation, author and Tibetan Buddhism scholar Ian Baker will speak about the evolution of physical yoga practices in Tantric Buddhism and Dzogchen, as methods for cultivating expanded sta­tes of awareness and well being. The talk will also explore ways in which contemporary scientific understan­ding of the ‘energy body’ is impacting traditional representatsions of yogic anatomy and practice.

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Beitrag:  15 € | 11 € (Ermäßigung)

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